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Life is Short. Buy the Shoes. Eat the cupcake. Burn the Candle.


Playfully executed, Hatterwick is a whimsically immersive gift shopping experience. You'll find our delightfully aromatic, handcrafted & locally made 100% Soy Wax Candles lining the shelves, while sparkly dresses dance along the walls. AND if our cheeky humor doesn't make you blush...our tasteful lingerie might.


Introducing Unscented Candles at Hatterwick.

I've teamed up with local buzzing little pollinators to bring you pure by Hatterwick. Featuring 100% Unscented Soy Wax and 100% Beeswax and nothing else. This line will be available in dough bowls, libby jars and cheese molds.


Dough Bowl Refills

Did you know that our Dough Bowl Candles are REFILLABLE?

Once you have enjoyed your 100% Soy Wax and incredibly fragrant Dough Bowl Candle, simply remove any remaining wax and return to your favorite candle shop, Hatterwick. For $18 I'll reseal it and refill it with the scent of your choice from our current rotation.

Come sniff us out!!!

I've been told you can smell us down the block

Located in Historic Downtown Lexington VA 

9 W Nelson Street - Between Hameric & Sheridan and Tommys Arcade


Wednesday Noon-5

Thursday Noon-5

Friday Noon-5

Saturday Noon-5

Closed Sunday-Tuesday

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